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  By: eddie

Unfortunately, it has become quite clear that I am unable to draw quick enough for regular updates. With the tiring hours and instability due to moving and shutdowns, it makes it very difficult to keep a schedule, even one as slack as once a month. Therefore the comic will be returning once I have returned to school and have some stability.

To tide you over, we will soon be adding a "sketches" section, and I will be adding some of the sketches I've done. These may or may not appear on the front page when they are first posted.

Your regular scheduled comic will return in October.



 Auto Repair Fun

  By: eddie

Never trust a online guide for fixing something. They might have a completely different situation than you do.

Example: Replacing a front axle hub in my car. Their instructions detail that the brake rotor should come off and hub should be seperated with the half shaft with "A light tap with a hammer". Apparently, they've never heard of RUST.



 Happy Canada Day!

  By: radoon

Canadian Flag

Okay... so we're a few days late. Canada Day is our excuse :P

We've had this one written for quite a while, we just had to make it through the chapter to actually make it. If you don't get it, your name is probably Kira.

So I've been a little distracted lately. Besides buying Super Paper Mario 2 weeks ago, I also got back into Rock Band once I (finally!) found a Rock Band 2 guitar for my PS3. I am very impressed with it and think it is a lot better than the Guitar Hero World Tour guitar (although, the touch pad is neat on GH). The annoying clicking on the strum caused me to hate it though. Rock Band FTW!

Another distraction... I'm waiting for my new laptop to arrive. I finally cracked and ordered a new MacBook Pro :) It got delayed a bit when my student status wasn't cleared between the developer connection and the store, but oh well. I should have it very soon ^_^

At least one more filler coming up before the next chapter starts. Maybe I should get around to working more on that chapter...



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